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Conquer the clutter

January, 2021

When the pandemic hit in March, it required us to stay home and allowed us to spend time with our families and to address the physical clutter in and
around our homes.

If you are ready to “conquer the clutter,” follow this simple guide to help you decide which items to keep, donate, or toss:

  • Does the item have a special purpose or sentimental value? 
  • Does it cost a lot of money or is it something replaceable?
  • Does the item have utility or practicality or is it of little use to you?
  • Does the item still function or is it no longer usable?
  • Do you have or need more than one of this item?

Once you have evaluated your belongings, use this action plan to deal with them.  Put your items into three piles – one for donation, one for discarding, and one for the items you plan to keep.  Sort the items you plan to save by putting like items together.  Donate duplicate items or items no longer needed and/or wanted to your favorite charity or shelter.  Discard items that no longer work, are damaged, or have little to no value.  Find a home for your remaining items based on when they belong in your home.

The hardest part is getting started.  Once you get going, you’ll get through it in no time and start your New Year off on a good note.

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