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Home Organization Testimonials

“I was Lisa’s first client since she began working now that we are just beginning to come out of our shells from the covid-19 comas. We both distanced and I wore my mask and she was completely attired in a medical mask and faceshield.

She wore gloves while working also. Lisa was on time and communicated well prior to her visit. She brought all necessary items, including a small step stool to reach the higher shelves in my closet. Lisa did exactly what we planned to do prior to her visit. We finished everything in the time we had allotted. The finished product, my clean, perfectly organized, purged closet on both my side and my husband’s side look amazing. She was skillful at listening to my needs and helping me make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of/donate. I am so thankful for her expertise and professionalism. I would hire Lisa again in a heartbeat! I plan to do so again very soon to tackle some other areas of my cluttered home. “
Diane I
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Relieve stress, be more productive and efficient.

“Our mom was moving to a 55 and over community and needed to significantly reduce the amount of belongings she accumulated in her house of 40 years,” said Joe L. of Fair Lawn. “Lisa helped tremendously as we dispersed and organized decades of clutter. Her objectivity along with her ceaseless energy were instrumental to the success of a move that was complex and emotional.”

Joe L
Fair Lawn, NJ

Advise. Customize. Organize.

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“Lisa came to my house to help me organize my messy and disorganized garage. I had accumulated way too much stuff over the past five years and it had become a storage area more than a useful garage. First, she helped me purge items that I no longer wanted or needed. Then, she helped me organize all of the remaining belongings. When it was time to put it all back together, Lisa had creative ways to make the best use of the space using racks, shelves and bins. Everything now has a home, and I have a functional and organized garage. I can’t thank her enough for her help and organizational skills!”

Wendy K
Rye, NY

“I was overwhelmed with so many papers, bills and records, but Lisa is helping me to learn how to manage it all. She is also helping me to reorganize my entire filing cabinet. I am really looking forward to moving on to other areas of my home with Lisa. Her strategies are so effective for making small changes in daily life to effect lasting results. Thank you, Lisa!”

Mike S
Englewood, NJ

“Lisa has helped me organize several areas in my home. She started with my paper, then she moved into the kitchen, then the pantry, and garage. Now I can finally pull my car in after 20 years of  having it outside.

She also has a knack for tackling paper and she set up a usable, new filing system that actually inspires me to file.”

Frank P
Oakland, NJ