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A Professional Organizer by Heart

As a former teacher and elder care professional, being organized, efficient, and creating order are skills that have always served me well and make me who I am.  I have always enjoyed re-doing a messy closet, re-arranging the contents of kitchen cabinets, or unpacking and setting up my son’s dorm room in just a few hours.  I have been doing these things for friends and family for as long as I can remember.  I love the process and all of the details that go into transforming spaces. It is

lisa-the-organizer-flnecessary to execute and implement the proper steps to transform your spaces. This is the key to achieving your goals, prioritizing, and having control of your daily life.

Life today can be overwhelming, messy, and out of control.  It is essential to regain this control to achieve one’s own personal and professional success. I am committed to sharing my skills, in order to help you achieve a clutter-free organized life. Organizing is my gift, and Lisa The Organizer would love nothing more than to share this gift with you.

It is essential to regain this control to achieve one’s own personal and professional success.

My Mission and Pledge to You

Each and every client has their own individual needs, values and goals. My top priority is to make sure that clients are satisfied throughout the entire process of their project and that their expectations have not only been met but are exceeded.  My mission is to improve your quality of life by creating domestic and work spaces that allow you to be productive and help you to be more efficient, balanced, and stress-free.  My services include educating you on how to consistently maintain the systems I put in place. These systems will allow you to be successful in continuing to achieve your goals as you move forward.

I understand that it can be overwhelming to start the process of getting organized, but I will be there to be a nonjudgmental and personal coach to help you every step of the way.  I look forward to helping you.

Advise. Customize. Organize.

Call: 954.412.1920

Relieve stress, be more productive and efficient.