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Make yoga part of your 2021 organization ritual

February, 2021

Your 2021 wellness plan doesn’t just stem from creating and having organized spaces. Consider starting a yoga practice. It helps to calm those feelings of being overwhelmed and panicked when you are trying to complete your daily to-dos and get everything done.

• Plan out your schedule and incorporate your yoga practice into the day.

• Focus on you – don’t be concerned with anyone around you. Keep your vision, or drishti, on what you are doing on your own mat in that moment.

• Be Present – This is perhaps the most difficult thing. If your mind races and you’re thinking of all of the errands you need to run, what you need to get at the store, or anything else that’s NOT related to yoga, you are distracted, not present, and not balanced.

• Set your intention – This is especially important for you to accomplish your goals. You have a much better chance of achieving what you want if you set your intention, define what your goals are, follow your action plan, and, of course, visualize yourself succeeding.

How is this related to organizing? Getting organized is a practice, not a project. It involves a plan, vision, focus, intention, and execution.

It’s a skill that requires maintenance, and hopefully develops into a habit. This habit then becomes ingrained over time and eventually becomes second nature, like brushing your teeth.

Remember, progress no matter what the amount is still progress. I always tell my clients to just start small. Organize one drawer, one shelf… take baby steps. Just keep moving forward.

Just like your yoga practice, if you do a bit of organizing every day, it becomes a new habit, enables you to focus, be present, set your intention, follow your plan, and yes, succeed!

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