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Spring and summer mark the beginning of moving season.


Here are a few tips to make your moving process smoother:


  • Prior to moving or relocating, declutter clothing, toys, or personal items. Eliminating these items in advance of your move will reduce your packing time and moving costs.


  • Pack items from each room together so they are not mixed with items from other rooms. For example, kitchen items should be packed separately from master closet items. This will help to make unpacking quicker and easier.


  • On your moving day, ensure the movers label and scan all of your items before they are loaded into the truck. Items should be labeled on each side and not just on the top so they can be identified easily.


  • While the movers will create a list of all of your items, consider creating your own inventory list to not only confirm the mover’s list but also designate which room they should be placed in your new home.


  • Once your items start unloading at your destination, be sure to check each item off on both the mover’s list and your list to double check that all your items have arrived safely. Inspect each item for damage if possible.


  • Time permitting, open and examine your items to see if they are intact. If anything is missing or damaged, be sure to make a claim as quickly as possible. Take pictures to document any damage, and immediately notify your move coordinator                For a copy of this article, please click Parklander – May 2021 Moving Tips