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Organize your pantry

October, 2020

Pantry organization is necessary and essential to keep your kitchen in order.  By adding a few simple things into your home, you can achieve this with ease and consistency.

Here are a few organizational tips:

  1. Adding bins, baskets, and clear containers will help to keep your pantry clean and organized.
  2. When purchasing dried goods or snacks like chips, nuts, seeds, crackers, rice, pretzels, or granola bars, be sure to decant and store these items in clear containers. Not only will your pantry look more satisfying without all of those mismatched boxes, you will also be able to see what you have and when you need to purchase more.
  3. Use lazy susans to keep similar items together.  Corral all of your oils, vinegars, and condiments to easily find what you need with a simple spin.
  4. Get in the zone.  Identify the food and cooking categories that suit you and your lifestyle.  Here are a few to consider: baking, breakfast, and snacks.  Also make sure to label each zone with their appropriate category.
  5. Place your daily staple items on eye level shelves.
  6. Your pantry can be kept clean and organized by ALWAYS placing newly purchased items in the zones you have created. Consistency is key.
  7. Using the right storage essentials to keep everything in order and looking great will help you have an organized and functional pantry.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot to make your pantry look great and function well.  Once your pantry is set up properly, taking inventory before going to the store will be a breeze!  This will save you time, money, and lessen the amount of expired food in your pantry.

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