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It’s that time again….how to pack for sleep away camp

Packing for sleep away camp the right way is essential to making sure your camper will be organized prior to their arrival at camp. First, label, label, label. I like to use the iron on labels, but using a laundry marking pen works just as well. Pack items according to categories and like with like. This means pack all underwear in one giant ziplock bag, pack all socks in another, and the same goes for all similar articles of clothing.

I like to purchase two large duffle bags with zippers. Pack one with clothes, and the other with linens, toiletries, shoes, sport equipment, basically everything else. Included in both of the duffles should be an inventory list so there is a record of what you have packed. Copy this list so when your child comes home, you remember what you packed, and see what didn’t make it back home! Image Source: POPSUGAR photography/Rebecca Gruber